Chinese New Year 2008

Pagdating ng mga Dragon

Straight from night-shift work last Thursday, I headed off to Binondo via the LRT2, and WALKED from the Recto station. I wasn’t even sure the path I was taking was the right direction, but once I saw Ongpin, I was relieved. While treading that street though, I realized this really wasn’t a short walk at all.

The rest of Rangefinder Filipinas was at Starbucks Binondo, and it was amusing that the same people who were there last year were the same ones that showed up this morning, considering that we were expecting new faces.

Pinapanood Na Mga Dragon

Uro showed me the proper way to load my Horizon 202, which saddened me, as I did have two unprocessed rolls that I’m not sure if I still want to get developed now; those rolls were filled with test shots anyway.

This year’s celebrations looked dreary compared to last year’s, and even if they were expecting the artista‘s from the rival networks to parade around the area, the only real indication that something was happening was that there was a lot of people around, the dragons, the fireworks, and the loads of tikoy outside the stores.

Bagong Taon Ba 'To?

I’m hoping this shoot will make me lucky again this year, photography-wise.

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