Post-break: Mostly Music

Low-quality cellphone video of the rolling hills of Basco, Batanes below:

Pardon the noise, but the wind was really that deafening.


  • My Batanes digital shots -not all posted online yet- seem sub-par to my expectations, and they were already baked a bit on Photoshop. Blame it on my lack of post-processing skills, but now I’m tempted to convert them all to black-and-white. It worked very well for this set.
  • Its taking me a long time to finish Miike Takashi’s Happiness of the Katakuris (sample). I don’t have the patience to watch movies on a pc or at home anymore, I guess. Or maybe its me being spoiled by the movie theater experience now? Its a ploy for all us recluse-to-social-animal converts!
  • I’m all set for Narda’s ONE NIGHT ONLY gig on March 6 at Saguijo since my shiftmate at work had some arrangements during that week as well, and asked me to take the Thursday off.
  • And the gigs you’ll find me in on Friday, Feb 29: THE SAMPAGUITA TRIBUTE ALBUM LAUNCH! (Eastwood City, Libis), and MIAMI in MANILA! (Club Dredd, Eastwood City).
  • Record of the week: Adorable’s Against Perfection (1993)
  • A re-dug album from my meager mp3 collection, and a welcome breather among the slew of shoegazing bands: a stronger and more confident voice, not just another instrument on drone-mode. And I used to hate Homeboy, but if I were to make an Adorable cover-band, that’s sure to be crowd pleaser, but that’s expecting that the kids nowadays can appreciate a band like Adorable, and that I can actually play and/or sing.

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