Rethinking This Web Presence

The Batanes trip with fellow bloggers, and my religious tech podcast listening, got me thinking:

  • As unattractive online monetization is to me – yes, I’m weird, haven’t you noticed- I should think of strategies to drum up at least the pagerank of this site, which once ranked as a ‘4‘, with zero effort.
  • Go back subscribing to RSS feeds. My occassional visit to BoingBoing just won’t cut it. I’ve been behind my movie news and reviews as well. I’ve been a good podcast listener and have always had TWiT, and Diggnation to accompany me during my start-of-the-week commutes to work. Oh, what platform should I use? Bloglines has always been elegant in its execution, but maybe I should venture out.
  • What is this ‘Twitter‘? LOL. Odd that I have 27 followers there, and I’ve only posted one update, which was when I opened my account. Pownce? I’ll try that, sure, I know I had an invite account there before it went public.
  • A blogroll? Oh that’s way too much effort already! I’ve only upgraded to the latest WordPress version last weekend (which is unfortunate because ver. 2.5 will be released at the 10th of this month), and only figured out that my hosting space was clogged because of spam on a default account I don’t use. But alright, soon, probably.

2 thoughts on “Rethinking This Web Presence”

  1. Thanks sighmon. Yep, Google Reader is on my list, and I have set my feeds there a year or two ago. Will test drive it for this week I guess, and see if it fits me.

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