Last Friday: Sampaguita Tribute Album/Miami in Manila, Part 2

Miami in Manila

I saw the girls of Miami come out of Gweilo’s doors (Club Dredd is located on top of Gweilo’s), about two hours before they performed. Petite ladies, they just trekked outwards of the Eastwood City area, not stopping for anything, not speaking to each other. Vastly different from the characters I saw on their Youtube videos, though they were ultimately a lot cuter in person.

The few gigs I’ve been in Dredd never started as late as midnight, then I realized that even if there were a few other local bands set to perform, it looked like Miami will start the night.

Miami in Manila

Miami in Manila

The girls gave an thoroughly enjoyable performance, but there wasn’t much energy to feed off from the audience. Their set ended, the set off on the corner were a makeshift bar was set, and one cd and two Miami schwags were bought. A few flashes fired, and for the next 15 or so minutes, Miami just stood there. Waiting for buyers? For converted fans? I don’t know, I wish they spoke English.

I couldn’t resist, I bought the CD and the schwag, took two photos of them, and left.

Honestly, Miami doesn’t dish the sort of Japanese music I’d treasure for monthson end, but for about 30 minutes, I took super-kawaii photos of the girls, marveled at their off-kilter antics, and savored a Japanese sound live that you just don’t get anywhere. I have yet to devour their Good Morning Playground record, but since I think I’m going back to a Jap-music period again, the songs there will surely be on rotation on my mp3 player.


Miami can be found here:

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