How Rivers Cuomo Reminded Me of Something

Here’s my soccer story:

I’ve been on an anti-basketball streak since it was so popular with everyone I know, and ever since childhood, I’ve been anti-popular. I was the fat kid who confides with his Lego and can never do the moro-moro run-and-tag games the rest of the kids all play at school. Having a dad and a brother who were history freaks, and my always brining an encyclopedia volume or two to the toilet, I somehow got to know who soccer legend Pele was, and thats when the interest grew. I’m from a town in Bulacan though, situated along Manila’s border, and soccer was non-existent. I remember one instance when my cousins and I played a football-like game, but that was over and done with for about 10 minutes.

In college, I got to enroll in a soccer PE class. I sucked, but it was a fine co-ed class, and my team won second place in that year’s inter-class tournament.

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