Look Y’all! New Site Theme!

Though I’m still convinced the dark site look is obsolete, it’s not when you display photos, especially black-and-white ones. Hence, no more white themes for now.

I’ve already made customizations to the Sharpfolio theme, but some parts of the site still need work. And yes, I’m not using the theme as intended for the latest WordPress version, but I guess a bit more than 4 years of working on this platform gives me enough dibs to do what I want, right?

test test test

Stuff to do:

  • About/Contact page reformat. Submit button not in place with IE7.
  • A proper Archives setup. NO! This is in FAIL status! The Clean Archives plugin confirmation setup doesn’t work with WP 2.5, and my hacking into the code screwed up PHP code structure.
  • An RSS button instead of text link.
  • Copyright by me notice.
  • Pages organization on header.
  • Place of plugins: Twitter Tools, etc. Might as well go minimal on a sidebar-less blog.
  • Tag cloud reactivation.

2 thoughts on “Look Y’all! New Site Theme!”

  1. i always like black.
    i was wondering where the titles of the posts are.. i thought they were also in black. it’s on the right side pala. silly me.

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