Mama Dredd’s Birthday Gig

The gig last Thursday was supposed to be all-acoustic, but then things changed. It was great enough to see the lineup: Cookie Chua (Color It Red), Anabel Bosch (Elektrikoolaid, Analog) with Wally Gonzalez (Juan dela Cruz), Wawi Navarozza (The Late Isabel), and Ene Lagunzad (The Ronnies). But then, Cookie and Ene decided to bring their bands along. No complaints here!

Color It Red
Cookie Chua of Color It Red

Wam, photographer/musician friend, was going, and I did urge him a bit because this looked like his crowd. It was, and I found out later that this was writer Karen Kunawicz’s birthday gig. She was the Mama Dredd pala.

Wawi Navarozza and Karen Kunawicz
Karen Kunawicz (right) with Wawi Navarozza

I wasn’t so eager as to the shoot setup, but something happened: I opted to experiment again, since during Color It Red’s set, the good shots were those when the flash failed to fare, giving me underexposed photos with red highlights. AT ISO1600, and with my Sigma lens at 17mm at f2.8, or the Canon 50mm f1.8, which was a setup I used before (and wasn’t so satisfied with the output0, I went for it. Based on what I got so far, I was intent on converting the photos to B&W anyway.

And goddamn am I happy.

Anabel Bosch
Anabel Bosch

Wawi Navarozza
Wawi Navarozza

The Ronnies
Ene Lagunzad

My Flickr photo set slideshow of the gig can be found here.

Oh, and this is, hands down, the best Dredd gig I ever went to.

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