Women of Terno Get Stripped 6/4/08

Mick (Outerhope)
Mick of Outerhope

It wasn’t my first Stripped gig at Route 196, but there were two factors that ultimately lead me to going: Mick of Outerhope, and Armi of Up Dharma Down: I haven’t seen Outerhope perform, and the few songs I was able to scour over the Internets I suppose would hardly equal to actually getting the CD. I asked around, couldn’t get a copy. And Armi with a solo set? After hearing the new songs from the last gig they did, I was expecting wonderful things.

Selena of Ang Bandang Shirley started things off with various covers, with the Eraserheads’ Lightyears easily standing out. Good set, and I can’t wait for Shirley’s CD realease this month (or next). The femme part of Outerhope came next, and Mick’s cover of eternal fave Innocence Mission blew me over. Oh, and if you see my photos, she translates pretty good on camera as well, considering I really stuck myself in one position throughout the gig. Mike, the brother and other half of Outerhope, joined in for the last songs of the set.

Swissy had real fun with her new toy (a blow keyboard?), and dished out more familiar pop songs, with some members of Blue Ketchup and The Ronnies as backup. Mike filled in for the absence of Armi (unsure of why she wasn’t in the lineup anymore) and Ria of Paramita (who got into a minor accident that night); great set as well, with Elliot Smith and Death Cab for Cutie covers.

I wasn’t sure if The Ronnies were playing, but they did. Sadly, I hadn’t had dinner yet, and had to beg off after Ene singing The Carpenters’ Superstar.

Ene (The Ronnies)
Ene of The Ronnies

Photo slideshow of the gig here.

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  1. swissy’s new toy is called a melodion. ronnie and marcus of bagetsafonik both have one and last night they were discussing the best way to clean the tube of you know what… okay, too much information.

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