The Multiply Post With 6743 Page Views AKA The Manila, Queen of the Pacific 1938 Aftermath

It all started with this post on the Rangefinder Filipinas website. Most of the people there are history fanatics, we even once screened a rare, post-war footage (c/o Uro dela Cruz) during one of our slideshow viewings, where Manila was literally flat from the bombings.

As a habit, and as a way of archiving online content I like, I imported the video to my Multiply account. Comments trickled in, from a handful of Multiply friends, then other Multiply users. Then the onslaught of invitations started to arrive from people who saw the video, and opened up a Multiply account just to comment. After the initial post, I had 50 or so invitations after a week, and I wasn’t so sure if I would add these people to my network. I decided to follow sense: active Mutliply users with interesting-enough content uploaded are a yes, and everyone else would be a no.

The video was posted on June 16, and I still have to weed through the invitations to this day. I don’t comment back, unless the commenter makes the extra effort to send a private message.

What’s inherently odd is when people make the assumption that I own the video, despite the “Footage from this film is available for licensing from” copy that has always been there, as that info was from the original YouTube video. I tend to fend off requests how to download a copy as well.

Another peculiarity, which is truly Pinoy: why do I get questions if I’m so and so’s relative?! I am a Contreras from Obando, Bulacan, if we have the same last name and you origins are from that part of the country, then maybe we are relatives. End point.

Then today, I noticed I was linked on Howie Severino’s blog (scroll to the bottom of the post proper). He’s right: the video can now be easily tagged as VIRAL (though I found it odd he posted the link to the video on this site, not on Mutliply). Jay Javier, my photography mentor who put up the video on our forum, told me he got email from relatives linking to my Multiply video. Multiply comments would usually say they found the video via their respective mailing lists, and I believe more than half would be Filipinos residing in other countries. Even my dad got the link from someone else, and though I did become a channel of access to the video to the viewers, there really isn’t much I did worth commending.

One regret: I should not have posted the Manila, Queen of the Pacific video on my Multiply video archives. I should have just placed a link there, and generated all the comments, the page-views on this site. Besides increasing readership, oh man, I could just imagine the blog ad revenue potential from that post!

NOTE: Yes, this echoes my China International Adult Toys & Reproductive Health Exhibition (ADCEXPO) series of posts, wherein my site went down due to the bandwidth overload.

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