On Sleeping Better At Night: Podcasting, Schmodcasting

Yes, this podcasting thing I’ve been doing is real nice and stuff, but I figured out its better to be safe than sorry.

So here’s the plan: I’ll try to figure out a better, less can’t-sleep-at-night way of sharing music, in podcast form, or otherwise. I’m liking blast.fm, and its Twitter-meets-Muxtape form.

As for the episode archives, I’ll do some work and take out the links to streaming and downloadable episodes. If you want to get a copy of a particular episode, leave a comment on the post.

So the show’s dead?! I hope not. I’m reading up on some alternatives to safely continue the show.

There is the Podsafe direction:

“Podsafe is a term created in the podcasting community to refer to any work which, through its licensing, specifically allows the use of the work in podcasting, regardless of restrictions the same work might have in other realms. For example, a song may be legal to use in podcasts, but may need to be purchased or have royalties paid for over-the-air radio use, television use, and possibly even personal use.”

Though, if that means sifting through blah and meh music over MySpace.com – a social network I really can’t stand – I’ll reconsider, and look for other options.

So I’ll start hiding the podcast shows from view now. They’ll be coming up again eventually, so no worries.


  • Podcast show posts -both Ten Song Affair and 90s Plugin- are now hidden from public view.
  • Request filed to remove songs from fileserver.

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