Site Re-Design Ongoing

Site re-design ongoing, so bear with me.

Things I think I should do:

  • Blog more.
  • Put up a blogroll up again. Be friendly with other bloggers.
  • Advertising?

Random thought: Minimalistic-designed blogs work best with photos. I’m not in photographer mode until “some matters” get settled. These matters are filed under Positive, so no worries

Last update: Decided to use the Cutline theme, which is really a throwback to the “classic” two-column, widget driven setup. And if anyone’s seen this blog’s redesigns through the years, this isn’t a surprise: I used to always prefer the white, minimal style.

To-dos: Bookmarks/links and Archives (optional) page.

Latest update: Yesterday’s theme was admittingly ugly, so I went for ‘The Journalist‘ theme today, which is, for the lazy in me, thankfully widgetized! Let’s see how long this lasts.

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