One of Those Weekends to Wait For, This Isn’t

I’ve known myself to be one of those who live for the weekends ever since I got active in gig photography. However, you’d rarely hear me babbling about my past work week, a recent conquered female, or anything else that approximates that. Blame that on the very conscious absence of alcohol in my system, and that I really do focus when shooting gigs.

Past month or two have been different, and, for the record, I shall consider myself resting with the routine. I’m almost certain I’ll be at a gig later though, but that almost always happens during Friday or Saturday afternoons, then I change my mind.


Thought bullets:

  • For me to write anything, and not to run out of ideas and interesting quips, I really should put up an active RSS reader again.
  • I’m considering switching from Smart Bro to ComClark Surestream, the same company which provides the house with cable TV. Reasons? Its cheaper, and we could pay two bills at the same time. However, I don’t think their technical or customer support is even near corporate-grade. Their site is outdated and is ridden with SQL errors, and I have not received a response from their customer support re inquiries I sent via email.
  • Its shameful that I find US politics ultimately more interesting that what’s happening locally. Blame it on Huffingtonpost.
  • Thoughts of travel/vacation have come to mind lately, but rather than pay for it, I really should find a sponsor again. See, I’ve only paid ONE out of my big out-of-town travels (Isla Verde, Batangas), and that wasn’t a breaking-the-bank sort of expense.
  • And big news in music: I’m a proud owner of Ang Bandang Shirley‘s THEMESONGS album, and my review is currently on draft mode. The third album of one of my favorite bands right now, Te’, just came out, and you can sample the songs, oh, at your usual post-rock online communities. Sigh. If only music of this caliber will ever show up in our local record stores.

Te’ – It must be called “Intelligence” if people stop when they realize they are not able to become what they are wishing to be

2 thoughts on “One of Those Weekends to Wait For, This Isn’t”

  1. I am still waiting for the album to be available in the record section of SM or a record bar. So far, no such luck 🙁 But I did get a copy of Discotillion by Narda just this week 😀

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