Looking Back: The Sort of Photos I Used to Take

Before I had the encouragement and inspiration from my photographer friends/photography idols over at Rangefinder Filipinas, I shot photos based on an existing, underdeveloped aesthetic. These were taken during a work stint in China, around 2005-2006.


After the Tienanmen Square flag-raising cermonies in Beijing.

National Day at Nanjing Lu

China National Day Festivities in Shanghai, at Nanjing Road

Nanhui Peach Blossom Fest 070

At the Nanhui Peach Blossom Festival. First out-of-Shanghai trip by myself with the just-bought DSLR camera.

Pudong Airport Scene

One of the last shots of Shanghai, at the Pudong Airport.

I’m not saying my photographic sense has reached maturity already, but nowadays, before I do put my camera to my face, I would usually know what to do already.


And here’s a photo of a Beijing skinhead band I’d like to re-edit. The highlights are just too much, but I’d like to think its a worthy candidate to include in that super awesome gig photography portfolio I’d find myself working on someday.

Life for Drinking at the 1234 Beach Rock Shanghai

Life for Drinking at the 1234 Beach Rock Shanghai concert

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