Editorial: Desperate for Obama

I’m not the sort who would blog about politics, but the following editorial piece from today’s Philippine Daily Inquirer needs to be brought out:

AFTER seven years in office, the President of the Philippines and her officials should be conducting our national affairs with greater aplomb and less bumbling. But bumble she did (and bumble they all did) as the Palace desperately sought a sign of endorsement from the American president-elect. She could have simply sent a telegram and lobbied behind the scenes for a return call. Instead, she threw herself at Barack Obama, and her subordinates threw a tantrum when she was rebuffed.

To top it all off—and this is what has caused the latest wave of national exasperation over the antics of our bumbler-in-chief—it comes at the incompetent little heels of previous, clumsy attempts at securing an Obama photo opportunity for President Macapagal-Arroyo.

Read the full article here.

Credit to MLQ3‘s Plurk.

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