Something Tells Me I Should Be Blogging

3rd Shanghai ADCEXPO
From the photo archives: Snap from the 3rd China International Adult Toys & Reproductive Health Exhibition (ADCEXPO) in Shanghai, last 2006. Posted to catch your attention, I guess.

So I’m not blogging as much as I want to. Work has been pretty steady, and the photography hobby is taking a rest. Personal matters reign now.

If you want to read a few really short fiction works done in 10 minutes, read up here, here and here. Yes, I wrote those.

Also, go through my old cross-posted (some of them are available on this blog, too) music/movie reviews on this page, I didn’t think I wrote those badly as well.

Lastly, I am counting the days until the numbers on my age equal to the last day of the longer months, only because I’ll be on vacation then, and I expect things to happen.

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