Its odd to be on a webhost without a cPanel.

Anyhow, this site is now located at a different host, and the domain is now at a different registrar. The migration was done by hand, no automation from previous service to new one. I knew that when I moved though.

The site is still on WordPress 6.5, since the last db backups I’ve done included the spam comments, and I didn’t bother to clean it before I did the backup. Boohoo. My only clean db backup was when I was using the previous version.

Will update this entry as things get fixed on this site.

TASK 1: Check the links (archives, pages)

FIXED by importing old htaccess file.

TASK 2: Check the plugins…

There are “workarounds” need to get the plugin deletion and auto-upgrade working on WordPress, since my hosting isn’t your NORMAL hosting. Needs some manual configuration, but thats ok, its nice to dip my fingers into something geeky around this time.

But the hosting grants ssh access. Whoa.

Task 3: Upgrade to WP 2.7…

DONE. But I think the workaround I implemented was overwritten LOL

So where am I now? My new domain registrar is GoDaddy (and I’ll stay with them for a year; it looks like they weren’t the smartest choice) and my hosting is at NearlyFreeSpeech, which is a budget and GEEK choice.

I still see a few things that needs fixing though. Visual editor won’t work, and I’m seeing header errors sometimes. Re-up’d most of the files fixed previous issues. ENJOY!

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