Rangefinder Filipinas Christmas Party 2008

Spent yesterday wolfing down traditional Kapampangan Sisig (which does NOT sizzle) like there’s no tomorrow during the Rangefinder Filipinas Christmas Party for last year.

Lotsa cameras

My Horizon Panoramic camera in focus, and the only non-RF in the lot.

The rest of the non-exciting photos can be found here (Flickr), or here (Multiply).

Quick Realization: I didn’t buy any cameras last year, though I was given a Pentax Spotmatic with several lenses by Mari Arquiza.

Sorta Erratum: I DID buy something camera-related last year. A Jupiter-12 f2.8 35mm LTM, a bargain for $30 (it easily goes for around $100 on eBay these days). I haven’t used it yet though, as I don’t have a separate 35mm viewfinder for any of my RF cameras.

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