My Top 5 in Music 2008: #5 The Ten Song Affair/The 90s Plugin Podcast and Semi-Resurrection

See, I used to run this li’l podcast called The Ten Song Affair, which I started around March. I pick 10 songs from my music library, and I play it. There was also a little sideshow called The 90s Plugin, which was part of my music education agenda, by telling people the 90s wasn’t just about grunge and the start of the alternative label. Yes, I did the shows like a radio DJ, except that you can download or stream an mp3 copy of it, and this means you can listen to the tracks and me introducing and making a short critique on some of them.

The podcast-making process was primitive, but satisfying. Armed with a cheap headset and Audacity (recording software), with the script on a multi-tab notepad program, I came up with concept shows (a show where all the songs were chosen because it had the word “dance” on its title) to genre specials (shoegazer, sadcore/slowcore). I sometimes featured 10 songs that I just think mixed well . My most well-received show covered just that:

Not Exactly A Radio Show: The Ten Song Affair – Episode 4
Apr 2, 2008

Te’, And You Will Know Us By The Trail of Dead, Los Campesinos, 4Hero, Low, Smokey and Miho, France Gall, The Aisler’s Set, Lloyd Cole, and Camera Obscura.

I saw it as over by June, since running two weekly shows that only a handful of people listen to was tiring, and even if my initial expectations was exceeded, I did want to reach over a semblance of an actual audience.

By August, I missed it. After 5 more shows, a paranoia struck me about the legalities of what I was doing, even if it was a project that is ultimately personal, and non-profit.

Here’s the thing with doing music podcasts though: you have to ask the music publisher and/or artist for you to include it in your podcast. As much as I love the music, asking permission isn’t the sort of task I wasn’t willing to put my time into.

I have put the blog posts related to the show in unpublished mode right now, though when I do find time, I’ll put it up again and offer a download link (no streaming anymore) to people interested in hearing my ol’ little project.

4 thoughts on “My Top 5 in Music 2008: #5 The Ten Song Affair/The 90s Plugin Podcast and Semi-Resurrection”

  1. haha. ep 4 of the ten song affair indeed was my favorite (guess why!). and we became friends through the ten song affair. yay!

    ah so yun pala yun… napraning ka. hehe.

  2. The Ten Song affair had a great run.

    I got to listen to a lot of great artists that I didn’t really know before because of this — ‘te, camera obscura, gang of four, ethnic faces, toe, school food punishment and a lot more!

    Everyone had a great vision for the show — even way back episode one where you had several technical difficulties since its your first shot on it, or that time when you were sick. heheh…

    Babalik din soon (sana) since marami namang loopholes ang batas. 😀

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