This Week in Music: Pia Fraus, Beirut, and Land of Talk

Pia Fraus – Springsister

I used to champion bands like Club 8 and the Acid House Kings during the late 90s, and I even had a short correspondence with Johan Angergard, a member of both bands, since around that time, I was planning to come out with a personal/music zine, and we were talking music. Almost a decade later, here I go loving an outright indiepop 2008 release by Pia Fraus called After Summer. Not annoyingly too twee, wonderful shoegazing in some parts, and a tad of Stereolab organs buried in the heap. Easily, this is THE favorite album of the week.

Beirut – La Llorona

Beirut, I believe, would be one of my best musical discoveries from the past few years. Bandleader Zach Condon mourned along with a gypsy band somewhere in Europe in Gulag Orkestar, Zach Condon sang like a busker roaming the streets of Paris in The Flying Club Cup , and now, Zach Condon his croons with The Jimenez Band, a 19-piece band from Teotitlan del Valle, Mexico, for the upcoming double EP. You’d know when you really love the music when you want to take up the trumpet (or the ukelele!) as a musical instrument, and that wanting doesn’t wane at all.

Land Of Talk – Speak To Me Bones

Land of Talk‘s Elizabeth Powell’s voice is impossibly gorgeous. Frame that voice in pop-rock sad songs, or in lively ditties peppered with dance-punk drumming, you’ll be surprised how it works. Last year’s release Some Are Lakes‘s title track has got to be one of the most heart-melting songs I’ve heard in a while:

Some Are Lakes – Land Of Talk

(The video posted above is of a song from an older album, Applause Cheer Boo Hiss.)


And because someone on Plurk mentioned it, here’s a Todd Rundgren classic on video:

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