Cook-Then-Shoot: Pork Binagoongan

Pork Binagoongan
Pork Binagoongan

When I was a kid, and I didn’t like the food on the table, I’d bring out the bagoong with fried pork fat that my mom makes. That love for the dish continues to this day.


pork (kasim, pata, or liempo)
bottled bagoong
diced baby talong
siling haba, or labuyo

Brown the pork in cooking oil, set aside. Saute the garlic and onions (add siling labuyo here if you’ll use that), add bagoong, and cook for around two minutes. Add pork, cook for around two minutes as well. Add vinegar, and simmer. Once bagoong dries up a bit, add water. Continue to do so until pork is tender.

Microwave diced baby talong for around three minutes, or until cooked. When binagoongan is cooked, add talong (and add siling haba if you’ll use that), mix, and leave cooking for around 5 minutes.

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