Podcast Kayo Dyan! Two New Episodes From The Pakbet Crew

I was supposed to be on podcast leave last weekend, but the rest of my group did NOT record ANY podcast episode as scheduled. So, on a hot Sunday afternoon, we somehow got together, and was even able to invite guests, to record the 4th installment to the MEGA-Pakbet Podcast show, which is due for a change-of-title, because references to the show don’t mention “MEGA” anyway, and we have to somehow get the word Plurk in the title.

Mega-Pakbet Podcast – Episode 4: The Jenijenjen Song

TOPICS:The Banchetto Plurkfiesta, a Bebigerls update; the Failon Incident, and its coverage on old and new media; and The Cat Killer from UP.

Stream or download the podcast here.

Pakbet Interviews Clinton Palanca on Photography

I would also like to present another episode from Pakbet Interviews, this time with a topic close to heart: photography. This episode is actually an excerpt from a longer recording, which didn’t really go anywhere. Karen and I chatted with Clinton Palanca in the last third of the show about film photography, cameras, and related photographic geekery. The Clinton Palanca? Sometime magazine editor who also wrote fiction and non-fiction some time ago? Yes. He’s a Plurker.

Stream or download the podcast here.


Collectively, the group is quite happy with how things are with the shows. I’m surprised myself when people will promptly listen or download the shows right after release. What’s more surprising is that some Plurkers are now encouraged to make their own podcasts, seeing how easy and empowering it is to have one.

Obviously, this is still a work in progress, but I’m glad every Pakbet member is committed and motivated to this project. We’ll just see where this goes.

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