Sarsi With Egg

I had two official drinks when I started school: root beer and sarsi. I didn’t know any other kid who liked what I liked, and I guess that was the start of my being the oddball that i am now.

Back then, there was this weird concoction you can do with sarsi: add one raw egg. I remember sipping it the classic pinoy way: with a straw, and contained in a plastic bag, the type used to sell ice.

So I posed a question over Plurk about it, and no, I found out it wasn’t something that was just done in the 80s. Read more here.

So, being the naturally brave soul I am, I present you with my refreshing post-breakfast drink:

It was good. Like root beer float.

However, the smell of the raw egg already mixed well into the soda drink was still present. So it did help that I drank it before with a straw, in about a foot long plastic bag, and my chosen hand stopping any aroma that could come out of the drink by gripping the bag in the middle, since that is how you handle the thing. It is not that unpleasant, but its something you can’t just ignore.

11 thoughts on “Sarsi With Egg”

  1. actually it’s done religiously by some of the body builders, construction workers, factory workers and other blue collar job peoples i know, for vitality and energy reason. and i saw some some of the people on plurk on OUR age range…. but IT is already done in the 70s… “sarsa parilla” was the “sarsi” for them. and I drink that… sometimes.

    1. My cousin got cured by it 80yrs ago when afflicted with tigdas, thru my albularyo lolo. Drivers also were advised bec they got hard kind of work. Idk if sarsi is fine.

  2. Yah, its odd. I’m not a fan of root beer and sarsi.
    I avoid them as much as I can, even if root beer float became popular before.
    I knew my uncle would also mix raw egg with his drink. I think it’s only the white. Then he adds banana and milk and I don’t know what else. He calls it his power drink.
    I never tried it. It looked and smelled disgusting.

  3. Hi Rain,

    I remember that, my mom used to do that, too, she took it nighttime to make her sleep easy, I tried it too, that’s they said is good drink, healthy one? I guess, for those who wants to develop good stamina, yeah it’s true, the smell of the egg is ulk, but tolerable, smile

    More power to you

  4. My colleague advised me to do that, too. Then I just tried that this morning. I’m not a fan of sarsi but the taste wasn’t bad at all. I’ll do it everyday! I wanna bulk up! haha

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