The Story So Far

So. I’ll be out from work for the rest of the month, and will rest at home. Details will stop from there, and that doesn’t mean you can pester me with comments and email and expect to be answered in real time.


Noynoy Aquino at the Anti Con Ass Rally/Ayala Avenue, Makati City/June 11, 2009

Just like those lazy op-ed columnists, I will post updates in (almost) Twitter-length word boxes:

  • I was all fired up during Cory’s funeral, saddened I couldn’t join with the masses, and was less than brutal in pointing out outright politicking during the event (via Twitter). I should be resting, I know, but things like this lose a lot of spirit if you don’t experience it the same time as everyone else.
  • On the current National Artists brouhaha and the protesters and winners: an indication of how crooked GMA’s current judgment standards are (since, AFAIK, the title is a Presidential award)? an indication of how the supposed winners are undeserving based on how procedure wasn’t followed, and if they did submit to a re-review, they would surely lose the title? Latest update: an inquiry in the lower house will be conducted. Oh how fun this would be to watch.
  • Sentiments re GMA’s Le Cirque fiasco: I read this bit first on the online social networks, which was so ahead than say, Inquirer. So the accusation that this was propaganda started by “communist-arm” BAYAN is ridiculous, like they would consider making use of a gossip column of the NYT.
  • Again, re Le Cirque: the THEORETICAL dinner menu, which I don’t think was ever authenticated by the local media, was I understand made by a friend from the social networks. I can’t validate if ever he did state that it was THEORETICAL, since his site is down. I was surprised though that the list was even used at small rallies protesting the dinner, at student carinderias (as seen on TV news).

And on a lighter note:

  • Tomas Alfredson’s Let The Right One In is a pretty little gem of a film. I don’t know why I’ve postponed watching this.
  • This “techno-pop unit” addiction to Perfume has gotten out of hand. I listened to them last year, yes, but after infecting friends J and Gilbz, I cared to know their names, downloaded their concerts, and I’ve even watched their 2 existing TV series (those that are fan-subtitled in English). Still, in these times when there’s not a lot to be happy about, watching-and-listening to the group is a daily blues quick fix.
  • Oh, and screw the boring, predictable KPOP.

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