Almost Done

Isang Tape Ko Dati: Laika and FSA
From the photo archives: mid-90s playlist on tape (transferred from audio cd’s from college friends)

The month-long rest will be over in a few days, and this much envied sabbatical will raise one question I expect to get when I show my face at work, and decide to meet again with friends: what did you do?

Not a lot. Took my meds, rested when I felt stressed, I still cooked, did the dishes, felt awfully full with just a fraction of my usual meals. I tried to read Neal Stephenson’s Cryptonomicon again, but I haven’t touched the book in a few days, knowing my unfinished chapter dealt with math, and lots of it. It was a better attempt than the previous ones, tho0ugh. However, the greatest chunks of time spent would be: TV-watching, web surfing, and lying in bed with a chockful of emotions packed in the head.

TV didn’t do a lot of good, and the remote’s not working. The movie channels bored me, Cinemaone may screen some good movies, but they still fail to catch much of my attention. I still tend to watch the cooking and travel shows, watched a lot of Conan, some Letterman, and more un-funny Fallon than I’d ever want.

Plurk, Twitter, Facebook. Made my jabs at social networks to see if people would take notice. Made myself politically-aware than the usual, but I am aware that I’m among hundreds of small fry critics, so that wouldn’t really amount to much. I’m happy with a re-tweet, but the joy is too fleeting.

A few things via torrent were acquired, but I haven’t found the mood to consume much of them.

After realizing the length of my time recovering, I decided to organize my pictures, and come up with a book, or at the very least, a web portfolio. Nothing done in that department, as I made the excuse that I’m too demoralized with problems, and the realization that I may not be able to do gig photography much anymore, for my health’s sake.

I told a few people, and convinced myself, that August should be made productive. Finally learn how to play that stupid ukulele, try to know how to make songs with music software, expand the music library, but then someone did remind me that the entire purpose of this rest-period: I am supposed to rest, and just focus on getting well.

I think I did (rest), and I think I am (getting well).

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  1. I more often than not MAAR everyone. I meant you did not update *me* (nottalking) grah you gave your word in PP pfft nakalabas ka na and all, I didn’t even know which hospital you were in (doh) di ka nagsabi kung pwede ka bisitahin (annoyed)

    PS install plork emoticons! XD

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