Remedios Circle Kids
From the photo archives: Remedios Circle Kids

Spending the first restday after a month and a half of not being at work, which means I went to work for two days, to download all my emails, and reset my computer to a new image sanctioned for the new network. Catch-up re work matters would be next. I am back, not much has changed, but there are apparent new and unfamiliar things.


The building in front of mine is now completely demolished. There’re new places to eat: a pizza place for those with a bigger lunch budget, and a carinderia-style eatery housed inside a lesser mall. I haven’t ventured further off, since the realization that sometimes its better to not discover things alone comes to mind more often that I want it to.

And on that sully note, let me share an image that proves how geek-materialism does somehow an otherwise empty and unwanted soul here.


And before landing back in the throes of corporate normalcy again, I did see a few notable films over the weekend: District 9 (great. not excellent, but great), The Diving Bell and The Butterfly (great, but reading the facts on what really happened spoiled things), and some anime: Miyazaki’s Ponyo on the Cliff (lovely), and 5 Centimeters per Second (lovely, and very promising). Most satisfying watch would be: Tsai Ming-liang’s Hei yan quan/I Don’t Want to Sleep Alone. I’ve had the DVD for some time, and I’ve attempted to watch it, and this is the only time I’ve lasted until the end. Superb film, but definitely not for the impatient, as it barely had any speaking lines on it. Dialogues serve the same purpose here as seeing a car transport a character to some other place he/she needs to be: necessary, but not essential.

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