Liveblogging: Windows 7 Installation

1:00 PM

Still backing up Windows 7 RC files. Failed to install Wordmobi (Symbian) on mobile phone (for mobile blogging), needs Python, which I can’t be bothered to install right now. Documents and Downloads folder finished transferring.

2:09 PM

Win 7 RC backup DONE. Ubuntu 9.04 backup DONE. After not using Ubuntu since Win7 RC, I just realized how faster, and how antiseptic the user experience is on Linux. Oh well, 3 days to go before Ubuntu 9.10 anyway. But for now, BYE Win7 RC and Ubuntu 9.04! I will be wiping out both of you for the final Windows 7 FINAL install!

2:51 PM

Install DONE. Now that was fairly easy, almost painless, except for the usual wait. That’s it for this liveblog session! Now downloading latest NVIDIA graphics drivers.

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