Eating Differently/This Blog’s 6th Anniversary!

BREAKING NEWS: Just noticed today. THIS BLOG IS 6 YEARS OLD. No shit. Not my first blog, but the first one hosted and using WordPress (when everyone jumped ship from Movable Type, the de facto blog CMS before), and my own domain. See the first entry here.

Back to regular programming:

Vegetarian Barbecue (Gluten), Brown Rice, and Pickled Cucumber and Carrots

Something I read about a month ago had me shun red meat for some time. Not a complete dismissal in the normal, everyday diet, just that it won’t be cooked or served at home, nor taken to work as baon. That non-purist thinking was something I got from what Jane Goodall said recently on The Daily Show. Jon Stewart posed a question about him enjoying a good hamburger, and if it actually bothers Goodall. She said it doesn’t, and vs. the well-known PETA animal rights activism (I’m para-phrasing here) extremism is never good.

So, for about  a month, it was usually chicken and fish at home. I decided to quit the no red-meat rule by middle of this week, which I guess started with me reading up on the demerits of soymilk, which I have been consuming liters of. Yep, I’m putting back the milk carton on the ref again.

I’ve started eating brown rice since last month, too, and have even tried other non-white rice options, like red rice. I went gradual with the rice replacement, mixing white and brown at first. I do have find a cheaper way to get it, but it does help a lot that I don’t have to buy a sackful of it, since its just me and my brother at home. One thing I’m not so hot about is that the grocery-grade type has an annoying amount of palay in it.

Veggie-meat, or gluten, thanks to tips online, wasn’t that hard to get, but I was surprised to know that the price wasn’t so far from the price of meat. I tried cooking adobo from it the first time, which wasn’t a success, but today, considering I still have about half a kilo of it, I took out the stove-top grill and made barbecue out of it. Went pretty well, but next time, I really shouldn’t cut it into bite sized pieces, and just prepare it like faux-porkchops, which would make it easier to turn over on the grill. Glad to have barbecue marinade/sauce at home to put some flavor on it, since its also what I use when making tuna sisig.

Ok, did I get thinner? I’m not sure. I’m not as thin as I was after my hospital-stay last year, where I easily lost 20 pounds, but I do feel healthier. One apparent physical benefit, though a bit mundane, is that I don’t have much of a dry scalp anymore.

And so I finish this post, the day after I gorged on kilos(?) of seafood from a dampa gathering last night. Now you know the real reason why I prepared that meal you see above this blog entry.

2 thoughts on “Eating Differently/This Blog’s 6th Anniversary!”

  1. Hi Peter. I didn’t expect anyone to notice, but that’s because I had to adjust the exposure on the photo for the grill marks on the barbecued gluten to show, and I didn’t bother to restore the color back to the rice haha

    I’m not sure re the brand, but its probably the rice I get per kilo at the SM or Shopwise grocery. Any advice on where to get brown rice cheaper with less palay?

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