Big Band Jazz at Ten 02

Last Monday was a gig adventure. I didn’t think I’d enjoy one that started at 6PM. I couldn’t imagine that there was an actual smoke-free jazz bar in QC. I must’ve had numerous silly-face moments as I was just in awe of the amazing sound I was hearing from the 20-or-so performers on stage.

I find it just too awesome that this happens every two weeks.

This was the second gig of the big band jazz group AMP Bigband, lead by Mel Villena, whose a lot more popular as that guy who is the conductor of the band in the Singing Bee gameshow. I missed the first gig for reasons I don’t remember anymore, but getting my first dose guaranteed return visits.

The news of the gig came via Tots Tolentino, who is also a member of my photography group. Evidently he became star of my photoset, easily because the best light was on him, he was lead sax, and man, was he just stellar that night. Myra/Skarlet sang a number, and Chickoy Pura (The Jerks) did his, but they were under non-existent stage lights, and I couldn’t get any nearer for a decent flash photo, since the venue was full.

Expect more shots in the following weeks. By March, they’d have a setlist consisting of pre-war songs, the sort that was played at every bar along Dewey Boulevard in the olden days.

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