Shot A Model, Again/A Salty Dip At Laiya

Backlog post, here you go.

Bam and I have one common goal these days: learn how to photograph models. It’s not that we had any ambitions for ourselves re glamor photography, but it was just something that we think we should get into, and at least know how to do. How Bam and I got together for this, I don’t know, but having had a shoot or two before involving non-pro models, it helps that you’re with someone who has roughly the same aesthetic, and none of the BS one would usually see nowadays.

The Thursday before last, I told Bam its a now or never situation, when we both know it’s not. The shoot did go through, though, and since it was a last-minute sort of thing, we got Tif:


Tif is a new member over at, who also happens to work a short jeep-ride away from my place in Bulacan. We’ve hung out fairly often these days around our area, or Jay’s studio, and she does model a bit for her officemates who’re into photography as well. Bam suggested we get Tif. I thought about it, and looking back at how its been always awkward when I did my model shoots before, I agreed, since we had the huge advantage that our model happens to be a friend. Tif being half-Japanese helps, too

How was it? We originally planned it to be a night street-shoot, but our meeting place had a studio for its second floor, and we took advantage of it. With window-light type lighting on one side, and Tif granting my request to go butch for her outfit, I can’t say it went great, since I don’t have a lot of photos as proof of that. However, this was an improvement from the disaster of my last shoot, with a lovely TV actress who will remain nameless. Blame it on a lack of planning and vision, but Tif was all game and Bam assisted me during my part of the shoot, as I did his. Pity Bam’s kikay girlfriend Phen was late, as I think it would’ve helped that we had someone with a thread of fashion sense to advise us.


I tend to cram up things to do these days. Making up for all the lost time since I got sick and my focus was on something else other than, well, myself? I guess.

How? So after a Friday night shoot, a short Banchetto thing with Han (where I pigged out on a monster quarter-pound burger, AND got myself a 200 peso beef and lamb shawarma from Jacob’s to go), and back to the studio for the fated early morning trek to Laiya, Batangas.

I’m not the beach type, but realizing that its ridiculous to not enjoy a salty dip under the sun because I don’t have the ideal body to go with the experience, I must reconsider. It also helps that the group consisted of old guys, and Kat, who is a female I’m not interested in, and taking note of my current pathetic status, I’m very thankful for that last bit. Hence, the bad insecurity machine will not pump fluid into my veins this time.

Wam (holding the smallest squid we could buy from the nearby market), myself, Kat, and Dennis. Jay took the shot, while Uro sleeps. More photos here.

The group settled for a non-resort abode, with two rooms, and plenty of lounge-space in front, where a few of us actually slept soundly. The weekend lunches were mostly fresh squid and fresh fish, with a lot of leftovers. Saturday evening was when we watched Spartacus, the new TV series full of tits and simulated sex, and indulged on a box of red wine, while a nearby resort held a wedding ceremony where we saw paper balloons flying from our distance.

Sunday morning, I woke up ahead of everybody. With my Minolta Hi-matic F with me -a family camera I got repaired but never used- I walked a good two minutes to be with the fisherfolk crowd who were welcoming back the boats. I boasted about this experience later in the morning, and though taking photos around the area wasn’t the primary mission for the weekend, it was concluded that it was indeed a missed chance, but nothing to fully regret.

Developed the negatives a few days later, and found out that the shots didn’t come out.

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