The Things I Do To Keep Myself Distracted

Friday night was a hot night. It was also one of those times when I wanted to do something, and I didn’t have anyone to ask out. Boredom, impatience, and the need to be sociable was gnawing at my face. I was at a gig already the previous night, and I wasn’t so eager to go to another one. Earlier that day though, I spotted a boxing ring at the Eastwood Central Plaza, literally a 3 minute walk away from work. Since I did have my camera with me, and no texts were being sent my way from anyone, I went.

See, I have no interest in sports, moreso boxing. However, I’ve been in the state of wanting to try different things I would still deem, well, reasonable enough. So I went, and am now glad I did.

The venue was open. There were barriers set, but no one was stopping anyone from getting nearer, as it was a free event anyway. What struck me as odd was that no-one with a DSLR camera was shooting versus what usually happens with, say, gigs. There was one guy with a few film cameras in tow, but he was at the wrong side of the ring to shoot, so I don’t think that counts.

I stayed for about four matches, including the main event. I was undeniably pumped, chimping at the shots on my camera LCD, seeing the photos weren’t bad at all. I didn’t mind that I got showered with the boxers’ collective sweat whenever they’d fight on my side of the ring. Alright, I didn’t mind that much, but its not like I was in a fresh out-of-the-shower state. Point is, I wanted good shots, I was bent on shooting at 17mm exclusively, and really, this shouldn’t be a lot different than live band shooting, with the glaring exception that I had exceptionally good, and non-colored lighting.

See the entire photoset here, or better yet, see the slideshow.


Fem, my shiftmate at work, texted me while I was shooting a gig Thursday night, saying that she couldn’t go Friday morning, and asking if I could pinch-hit for her, considering I shouldn’t have work Friday morning. I obliged, as I didn’t have anything planned for Friday, but this meant another sleepover at the office.

Anyhow, the aforementioned gig wasn’t a remarkable one, though it had the traits. Let me note though that I was only disappointed at my shots, not the ladies who performed that night. Yes, it was all-female lineup, and I’m always a sucker for those things.

Kate Torralba
Kate Torralba

Kat Torralba played, and it was my first time to see her; props for doing Zero 7 and Til Tuseday covers. Waya played, and I was eager to shoot her again, as the shot I took of her before was published in Uno for a music yearender article. Surprise of the night was Domino aka Lally Buendia (yes, Ely’s sister), and it was mainly because local music stalwart Cris Ramos hounded me and stated that we should have a picture with her.

To focus for a minute, I have this to state: this seems to be the first gig in a long time where I went with full intent to shoot, without anyone who tagged along. I felt like I was starting again, and it seemed like the photos were of that quality as well. My Waya photos were unremarkable, Kate’s photos were normal, and shots for Lally, Beng Calma, and Nyko Maka were just unimpressive. I was ready to quit early.

This was about the time Cris proposed that we have our shot with Lally, and I was introduced, and I took some pair shots, but my pair shot was not even Photoshop salvageable, hence you won’t see it here (for documentation, since there’s nothing really special with the photo, here’s a shot of Lally during her set). After the gig, Cris introduced me to Waya, and it did take some time for my name to register for her, but it eventually did.

While doing the groceries earlier, I was wondering why I didn’t get a shot with Waya. Sheesh.


Last item for this post: Ene’s painting exhibit opening over at Pablo Gallery, Cubao X last night.

Myeslf and Ene

Ene sings (sang?) for The Ronnies, and I’ve taken a good amount of photos of her and the band (just do a search on my Flickr stream). Lately though, I’d credit her for making me realize that maybe I should take things a little more personal with the photography I do: she always takes photos of herself with friends.

Yes, I’m fully aware everyone does that, but it was her photos that got me thinking. I don’t usually take photos of myself, except during my birthdays, but then why shouldn’t I? This is still in accordance with my pursuit to be different from almost everyone else into photography: 1) make the shot personal and unique, by including myself, and; 2) include a winsome lady in the frame.

There isn’t a lot to talk about that evening though, since some plans didn’t push through, as some people decided not to show up. It was great to see Ene again though after such a long time, and witness another side to her already awesome, lovely-self.

Maybe I should push through with that photo-exhibit I got in mind.


The post title, you ask? Someone important who has taken over my existence for the past few years suddenly left me. No reason, no explanation. Distractions are badly needed this time.

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