Starting The Weekend Early With The Old And New Crowd

Its an official estimate: I need to make a blog post today as I expect more things to happen today and tomorrow.

Since Fem my shiftmate at work requested that I take my restdays early, I took it the change seriously and promptly went for a gig last Wednesday with these girls:

Nariese + The Shocking Details + Julia

I re-connected with Nariese (second from left) after finding each other on Facebook, since I don’t think we’re both updating on Multiply anymore, anyway. We met after I covered a Paramita album launch, and have been (mostly) online buddies since. Just recently, we’ve planned to do a photoshoot with her assuming a stylist role. Looking for possible gigs to go to earlier this week, found out that she’d be attending one at Route 196, literally a stone’s throw away from work. Do I know the bands? No, but I was telling myself that maybe I should be among a new crowd for a change.

Good decision, and what a cute crowd.

First band I saw was The Butchercons, and was pleasantly surprised at their very tight indie-rock set:

The Butchercons

I missed Jian (Nariese’s girlfriend) and her band though, The Shocking Details. Throughout the night I met Greys (blue shirt on first photo) and Pao (grey shirt) as well, and I must say this collectively pretty three-piece all-girl outfit I must, must cover in the future.

Must’ve been introduced to half a dozen more people. Julia (pouting girl) sang with her blues band, The Julia Project, and was a shoo-in as muse of the night. She also noticed how steadfast I was despite a moshing crowd behind me during Mobster Manila’s joyous ska set.

In sum, wonderful night, and from hereon, there won’t be much hesitating joining people I’m barely familiar with. They’re usually drunk, sociable, and susceptible photo subjects anyway 🙂


Since I’d be in Eastwood City anyway, where work is, I stayed for a few songs for True Faith’s Love Parade Album Launch last night. I knew Medwin (True Faith’s frontman), and got to greet him pre-gig at the band tent.

True Faith

The original plan for the night had to happen though, and that was to see Up Dharma Down again, after such a long time. Coincidentally, dear reader, you can go to the media section of their re-launched website to see a good number of my photos (mostly taken from their Bipolar album launching).

Up Dharma Down

I could dedicate a series of posts just to explain why I have nothing but adoration for this band, so I’ll skip that part, and just recount a few things from last night:

  • I had my photo taken with Armi during True Faith’s gig, since she was a guest; not the sort to be posted, though. Yeah, bad, unflattering shot.
  • The Up Dharma Down gig was in Ortigas, with other Terno bands. Hung out with Revolver crew: Cris, Cholle, and Chuckie. Shot bands with Karla and Sha, with Earving, too. Finally met Kindred.
  • Got myself a Musical O‘s Debutante record. Great listen.
  • On a photography-related note, I also shot with a Spotmatic SP with Neopan 1600, metered with the DSLR. My first time to work with both the camera and the film. I’ll cross my fingers on this one, since there wasn’t much light to work with.

Night concluded with a Rufo’s meal with the Revolver kids, stories from high school with Cris (MILF teachers FTW), my telling of my Ellen Adarna and Carmina Topacio encounters, and why Bitag makes local television awesome.


Found on Mobster Manila’s Multiply account:

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