Club 8 Live in the Philippines!

Back in the days of dial-up internet, and Pentium II’s, I had an indie-pop music phase which started with a band called Club 8, when I stumbled on All Dressed Up and Shy on the radio. ┬áThe sound was a rather drastic departure from what I’d usually listen those days (Tool, Rollins Band), but, oddly, more indie-pop records came out locally, and I found myself getting into similar bands, and re-discovering bossa-nova before its not-so-recent bastardization.

More than a decade after, when the last bastion of indie-pop in my active playlist would be limited to some Camera Obscura records, the news of Club 8 playing here made me settle for an easy decision: of course, I’ll go! If the 80’s kids had their nostalgic trip with Tears for Fears a few weeks ago, I’ll be joining the not-so-young-too crowd of indie-poppers from the 90s, and sing along to Everlasting Love, and gawk over gorgeous Karolina.

Club 8

I went alone, expecting to see people I know anyway at the venue, and didn’t have any camera with me, realizing what happened after last time’s disappointment. After seeing the line of people with a quarter of the population ready with their DSLR’s, I got the confirmation that yes, it was alright to shoot the gig. A phone call was quickly made, a meetup done: a 6MP Nikon D40 was in-hand, with its stock kit lens. By this time, realizing I will be at the back of the line, and my unfamiliarity with the venue, I didn’t expect much of a chance to get any decent shots, but at least I was ready.

After the three front acts, with The Camerawalls doing a novel thing with a uniformed rondalla troupe during their set, everyone was already rooting when a small-scale Swedish invasion was going to be apparent onstage.

Club 8

Club 8’s set felt too short though, with a good bulk of their set from the newer albums. I was one of those to crave for the older songs, I’m afraid. Everlasting Love and All I Can Do were personal highlights, both songs with the lyrics and melody still intact in memory.


I was already in line for the autograph signing after the gig, but decided to ditch it since I only had a gig postcard with me, and a plan to tell Johan I was emailing him more than a decade ago requesting for a never-realized zine interview, and my telling him that some of their songs were actually played in a local noontime show (as background to the skits in the Bulagaan segment of Eat Bulaga!). Maybe if I did bring the tape sleeves to their Nouvelle and Friend I Once Had albums.

The photoset for the gig can be found here.

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