Two Gigs and a Slice of Opinion

The scouting for gigs part of doing gig photography one would actually make way for, spend time on, is running on the slim side these days. Sure, there are some foreign acts visiting, but then, I’m not your usual I-shoot-anything-basta-music dude. Not that I have the highest standards, but like any sort of creative output, being popular and/or being not of-our-shrores doesn’t kindle my interest instantly.

Saguijo would usually be my default location, despite it being too far from where I normally am. I’m used to the shooting conditions, and the no-smoking policy is a big plus. I like Route 196 for how homey it feels, but it does feel too cramped. Club Dredd? I don’t know what happened, with it being the closest to work, but I don’t hear much from it anymore, with no band lineup signs outside, too. I haven’t been to the new Penguin cafe, nor to the Cubao X of the south, B-side. Cubao X? I’m too square to be a Cubao X habitue.


I was at Cubao X a few weeks ago to attend a photography exhibit, where I met poet/singer/songwriter Jess Santiago, who I’ve known since the 90s, most significantly because he 1) was played over at LA105.9, and that 2) he has an album called Obando, his hometown, and my hometown as well. I was without camera, but got to borrow one at that time when he was requested to perform, with a borrowed electric guitar.

Jess Santiago

I had Bam, who had some of his photos displayed and I understand was the reason Jess was there, introduce me to him right after. I mentioned the part of Obando where I grew up in, and I was asked what my last name was, which was relatively common there, too. This wasn’t a rare occurrence, but I don’t really deem it as necessary to meet with the musicians I get to shoot, unless I’m more than sure that the photos are impressive enough to show off, and of course, I’m that big a fan.

Again, I’m more than happy to do these little shoots than do what everyone else does.


Revolver Productions, headed by Cris Ramos, along with Chuckie and Cholle, held the first leg of their 6th anniversary tour last Saturday over at Saguijo, and scanning the band roster was enough to pique my interest. I miss seeing Taken By Cars, I haven’t seen Yosha yet, and I’ve only seen Outerhope once.

Yosha. That band I’ve heard a few good things about, but never got to see. Part of the local soul movement, though I’d really want to file them under vocal jazz instead; they’re that compelling, I heard bands around exclaiming after Yosha’s set: Huwag na tayong magbanda! They’re that intimidating.

Outerhope. This was the first time I heard songs from the wonderful second record, A Day for the Absent, live.

Taken By Cars
Taken by Cars. This was the second time I heard the new songs from the upcoming album; not that polished yet, but a lot better from the last listen.

View the full phtotoset with The Walkie Talkies and Turbo Goth here.

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