My Year in Photos 2010 – Part 1: Models, Events, and Travel

Aside from gigs, 2010 was easily the year where I tried shooting models (still trying), which is something I’ve always wanted to learn, since there would be a lot more than the usual factors-to-consider that I’m used to. I did a bit of traveling also, though I’m not so used to paying for trips myself.

Large Format Portrait 1

Oh, and I’ve taken off my four earrings I got this year. Maintaining those things were a pain. Brow ring stays, though.


February 2010

Shot with a 100-year-old-or so large format camera using photographic Bromide paper. I was at my friend Jay’s studio, and since we were already goofing off with the camera on ourselves, I got the idea to ask my friend Hannah to visit and pose for a few shots, since I also did want to use the camera. She was still wearing her school uniform, and I would’ve wanted the focus to be on the eyes, but who would really mind with a face like that?

May 2010

I’ve shot Jill before, and was more than interested to pursue a second shoot. This was a short session, and I had again made the mistake to shoot wide, which made unpleasant distortions in some shots. I’ve re-visited the shots again later this year, and salvaged a few more, including the shot above. I don’t know how I could have missed it, I know.

June 2010

This was the first of my series of shoots with Nariese, a friend who I’ve arranged these with, since she wanted to do some styling. Gliter was part of a TV game show, which got me excited instantly, but the realization that I was dealing with someone who knew what she was doing was intimidating, since I’m apparently a rank amateur. This shoot was long and draining, but profusely fulfilling, with the winning shot posted above.

June 2010

After keenly observing how striking Aby’s features were at a party organized by Nariese, I knew she would be an interesting model. Turned out she posed before for some photographers, but Nariese and I agreed we could do better. We know we did better, but it was a short shoot, and just about when we were getting the shots we wanted, out studio time was up.

July 2010

For a change, Nariese and I decided to shoot outdoors. She got Pau to model, and my initial impression was: probably-too-pretty. We shot around UP Diliman with a generous afternoon sun beaming. I saw this spot around the lagoon area, and thought it held some promise as a backdrop. Shot with my Seagull twin lens reflex medium format film camera, I didn’t include this photo in the first sort-and-edit. What was I thinking.


Boxing at Eastwood City
March 2010

I’m not into sports, but knowing there was a boxing event near work, and that I had my camera with me, I knew this was an event I shouldn’t miss. No one stopped me from shooting up-close, so I took advantage of the predicament, I didn’t even mind the boxers’ sweat showering me.

NU107 Last Goodbye
NU107 Singing Off
November 2010

Armed with a Cybershot digital camera, I went to the send-off for everyone’s de facto rock radio station NU107. I guess everyone wanted to shoot the jocks and musicians seen there, but I knew they were missing the point: you were there to mourn, and as a photographer, you had to shoot and document the sorrow people had.


Lucban Pahiyas Festival
May 2010

Shot with my Seagull TLR film camera, I do like how busy this shot is. I haven’t visited Lucban during their Pahiyas Festival for some time, considering I was a regular as a kid, since I’d take summer vacations in nearby Tayabas. One thing I won’t forget during this visit though: DSLR’s with long telephoto lenses and tripods (?) were used to shoot decorated houses on very narrow streets. I don’t get it.

Obando Fertility Rites: Pista ng Nuestra Senora de Salambao
Obando Kasilonawan Festival
May 2010

It was meant to be something close to a homecoming, since I did grow up in Obando, but I haven’t been there in over a decade. Maybe I was overwhelmed by that fact, going around the procession paths, trying to recall the old haunts I’d pass by, that I didn’t get to take as much photos as I wanted.

Puerto Princesa, Palawan
August 2010

This was a trip with relatively new friends, and though I’m used to sponsored trips, I willingly shelled out money for this one. I really can’t pinpoint why, but maybe I wanted fresh experiences, new company. Having the Mutya ng Pilipinas contestants on the plane going to Puerto Princesa, and surprisingly seeing them again at Sabang Beach was the obvious highlight. No one stopped me from taking photos alongside the official crew, so I didn’t.

Basilica Minore del Santo Niño
December 2010

Taking a 5-day birthday trip was probably the most important and most surprising decision I’ve taken this year. This was also to put an end all the recent miserable birthdays I had the past few years. I didn’t like that Cebu was awfully humid, but it was where I’d get my ukulele, and when I would actually have a birthday dinner with good company by old college friend Kaloy and his family. No regrets here. Photo above is a scene at Basilica Minore del Santo Niño.

Panglao Island, Bohol
December 2010

This was part of the birthday trip when I’d be genuinely solo, and would revel at everyone’s favorite location, the beach. It didn’t take long for me to realize that a very social beach strip scene wasn’t for me. Photo above was taken on an early morning on my last day at Alona Beach.

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