Shot with an LG Optimus One phone, with the Vignette Android app

I had no plans to watch the Deftones concert last February 12, since I had to prioritize more important things. I got a Gold ticket for free though (right after the VIP section), so I went. As much as I wanted to shoot the concert, as apparent in this photo, I was too far from the stage to get good-enough shots.

No regrets here. My view wasn’t all that bad, and as much as I should be jealous as to how much interaction the band had with the VIP audience, I did get in with the only expense being going to and from the venue.

Also, I did listen to the Deftones voraciously before I got into photography. Oh, and would I even dare to slam at the pit (during the last few songs) with a DSLR in tow?

I was ready to miss this concert. A friend did make a point that this band seem to be the band that wouldn’t do justice to their songs live.

Boy, was he wrong.

They did 20+ songs, and the first half went by so rapid-fire fast, it seemed like they were doing a hits-medley. Chino? Chino’s singing, screaming, and his intent to entertain did not disappoint.

This is only the second major rock concert I attended. The first was when Rage Against The Machine visited during the late 90s, when there was a two-ticket scheme, the most expensive only a few bills more than half-a-thousand pesos. I probably glanced at the band for a few second, but never really saw them after that.

Oh, and yes, I should’ve gone to the Nine Inch Nails concert 2 years ago, but then I was on a hospital sickbed then. Sayang. There was a VIP ticket waiting for me for that gig.

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