It’s that time of year again for the Philippine International Jazz Festival, when people who can’t afford tickets to their big shows look for small, free ones. This was special though.

Mishka Adams
Mishka Adams

I haven’t been to a Mishka Adams gig before, though I guess its expected for me to just rush to one. She entered the local music consciousness around 2006, and from the onset, it was obvious she knew and practiced the art of true jazz. This was also about the time I started to realize I was going to clubs, photo-documenting gigs, and she has always been on my list of to-see’s, the other apparent reason is her being so visually stunning.

Sample one of her songs from her first album, God Bless The Child, here:

Thanks to a Facebook status update, I had my Tuesday evening set. Some more of the confidence to cover the gig was set when Tots, fellow member of my camera/photography group, was going to be part of Mishka’s band. You know, Tots Tolentino, premier saxophonist, one of our contemporary jazz greats? We talked about photography before and after their soundcheck and it seemed like he hasn’t talked about photography with anyone for a long time.

Mishka Adams

I had a few lenses with me for the gig, but thanks to a sleep-deprived, post-massaged self, once I picked the second row aisle seat, I decided to settle for the M42-mount Takumar lens (200mm, f/3.5, a whopping 750g) on my DSLR (setup photo). I quickly remembered a photography exercise I heard somewhere taken from some school in New York about picking one position in a street, and taking all your shots from there.

Mishka, and her awesome band, did an equally awesome set of songs from her new album. She sang in a couple of different languages, and did a rendition of Dahil Sa Yo that I don’t think will make anyone make some silly news of it.

Alas, I went home CD-less, as I am jobless now and would need every penny now for a nearing, big-time situation. Though, I still take exception to commute fare for gigs and portrait shoots, since I don’t spend for beer, nor a talent fee.

Just a few more photos of the gig on this Flickr slideshow.

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