Nariese, my shoot collaborator/stylist/make-up artist, requested that we arrange something for a friend of hers, who will be celebrating her debut soon. Something like this would usually be fine with me, but it took awhile before I was shown a picture of the subject. When that time came, it took some time to wipe the grin off of my face. I’ve always trusted Nariese’s taste since we started, I curse myself for leaving room for doubt now.

The pegs I was shown, had a vintage theme, which I was for, but without the apt scene and props, I knew it was hard to be strict with the proposed concept. As expected, I did bring some of my old film cameras, but the Seagull 4A TLR was an easy choice to use. If only we had some more time to prepare, I would’ve convinced some people to lend me any of the following fashionable choices: an Agfa Clack/Click, an Argus C3 (well, not exactly a pretty sight, but Gwyneth pulled it off), a Kodak Brownie (I would’ve really liked this), or even a large format camera rig.

Again, the Chinese TLR won, but before I digress further, let’s meet the debutante:


I know the mid-afternoon sum came on too harsh for natural lighting, but how about Taks’ infectious smile? Yes, the nickname is Taks, she studies at the same school as Jill, and it was a welcome change to finally shoot a pretty face smiling, instead of my usual serious fare.

The initial plan was to shoot at the QC Memorial Circle, but then we shot during a school holiday, so the increased population there didn’t seem so conducive to what we wanted. Hence, we headed off to everyone’s default shoot location, my alma mater, and frankly, a place I still think has plenty of potential, as long as there’s enough sunlight to play with.


Admittingly, Taks hasn’t had much experience posing for the camera. I did peek at her Facebook photos after though, and she really didn’t need much fuss there to look cute: school uniform, a less-than-straight-and-polished hairstyle, and mostly unposed shots. Taks significant other was with us during the shoot, and that sentiment was seconded easily.


Even if I did bring my medium-format camera, I wasn’t ready to shoot film. I had only a handful of colored 120 film with me left, and the black-and-white’s I have, I don’t trust much. Did I regret this? Of course, I did! That’s precisely the reason why, even if I don’t have much time before my upcoming departure-for-the-land-I’ve-once-known, I’ve already proposed a second shoot with Taks, and have since possesed imaginary glued crossed-fingers for that to happen.

The entire Debutante photoset can be seen here.

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