Ni Hao


The view from the office building entrance

I’m not in the Philippines right now, as I’ve started new employment this week where I used to work 5 years ago.  Cold weather is cold here, though its supposed to be springtime already.


Our apartment compound

Sonny, my now-housemate/ex-officemate/officemate-again, and I got a place 30 minutes away from the office. Rent is reasonable, though since we really wanted a place ASAP, we settled on one our second day here, even if it was perched on the 6th floor, sans elevator.


This is jianbing, and I’ve had this for breakfast two-days straight. Most awesome crepe-food I used to have after night-shift work here before. We still don’t have a rice-cooker, a frying pan, and the refrigerator is still empty, but our apartment location has food available even in the wee hours of the morning, that we only have to be awfully lazy to starve.

That’s the quick update. No internet at home (yet), no wifi zone to take advantage of, its camera-phone images for now, and ultimately, the social networks I frequent are blocked.

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3 thoughts on “Ni Hao”

  1. salamat madel! waaaaah walang FB at Tw1tt3r access huhuhu

    sabihin mo kay tif alam ko ok mga showbands dito.

    tapos pwede din english teacher sa mga schools. or pwede kayo mag-aral muna di ba. sign language ako dito ngayon e haha

    o kaya punta na lang kayo dito pag seatsale :p may sofa bed na available sa apartment hehe

  2. game ako dyan!! kahit sa sahig masaya nako! haha! kailangan maging vigilant sa seatsale!! 😀 pero kailangan ko pa ng “visa” sad..

    ingat! ikain mo nalang muna kami!! 😀

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