Shanghai Dispatch #9

Weifang Lu

Before I embark on a Sunday night of catching up on work backlog, here’s a blog entry.

I’ve moved somewhere nearer the office, and with that, a couple of new things to experience this second time in Shanghai: there’s now an elevator; there’s also a microwave oven, a living room; and though I mourn the fact that I have less time to listen to music and/or podcasts with my daily commute, 2 to 3 songs will do it, and I’m already turning the key to the apartment.

I’ve also run an experiment of not cooking at all for the past week, and I have yet to make any calculation of it was a practical thing to do. The office is fairly near food establishments -with one recently visited place an easy, instant favorite- and the convenience stores do keep microwavable rice-lunches, but then there’s another realization: I’m getting fat. I recall my doctor/accupuncturist’s side-advice when I complained of an aching foot: shed off some pounds. So before I even give some money to the people at the gym, I’ll be trying out something else first: park jogs. There aren’t any parks near my place, though there’s Century Park, but that’s still two metro stations away. So which park? The one that I am viewing right now from my office desk. Yep, good ol’ Lujiazui park.

I’ve still yet to bring out the camera for a proper shoot. I did bring it to a night at a carnival, but the anticipation of taking snaps of crowds was moot, since there were probably only a good 30 ticket-holders that weekend night. I did get to test my fear of heights again, though I do blame it for the day-long headache right after. There’s still that intent to take city photos, and my getting one of these Shanghai Walks books should do the trick. I hope.

I’ve also ceased clipping my hair. Determined easily that I should grow it for a change, despite the expected volume of white hair. The longest I’ve kept it was after college, during my first job. The bangs when extended can reach my chin, and it was oily slick of hair products. With this decision, I had to bring myself to a local hairstylist, which, if you consult the expat forums, is almost always a hit-and-miss thing. My hair was at a stage when the sides and back should be trimmed already, or else I would be sporting a mullet. I made a trip to Carrefour, and had the job done. Took a good 10-15 minutes. For 50RMB+, I found myself with a few strays along the ear upon closer inspection at home. One would easily miss the hour-long sits at the barber’s chair back home.

There’s also the thing about going home for my birthday this year, but I do have to log a few work hours now, folks.

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  1. hi tiffy! 🙂 its really just a shopping place over here, but i guess its a good stopover before or after Beijing 🙂

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