Balikbayan, Part 1

Like last year, I took a break from work early December, and I decided to travel again, but this time I will be going back home, instead of leaving it.

The plane ticket has been ready since June, where I got them at a discounted price, but I had to rebook since I decided to stay longer than planned. The itinerary? Unsurprisingly, photoshoots.


Priority was a Pau + Nariese shoot, which we did for the first time in the studio. We were shooting for Nariese’s online store, and had quite a number of clothes to cover, so it took us a few hours to finish. Pau was here usual effortless-modelling self, and everything Nariese did to her worked. Me? I didn’t really deviate from anything bordering on creative, though the intent was to do something with a borrowed Mamiya RB67 medium format camera, which ultimately wasn’t realized since it wont sync with the studio lights.

Another model shoot happened south of Manila, one which I had a casual treatment in mind. This was of Mia, a young model-actress I got to know via blogger friends.

Kodak Portra 160

She instantly reminded me of Carmina Villaroel from her Palibhasa Lalake days back in the 90s, minus the puffy cheeks and bunny teeth. I was dead intent on spending the 120 rolls I bought from Shanghai, but the RB67 was a challenge to use. The result? Out of focus, and some blank, shots. What’s left as decent is what I posted above, and I think it was even the first shot I did.

There were unrealized shoots with Jill, Taks, and Han, though I did try to arrange something. I guess the Thanksgiving weekend plus one-week just wasn’t enough time to make things happen.

Lastly, and this happened the day before I went back to China, here’s a photo from a roll of film that was still in that oh-I-wish-you-were-easier-to-use Mamiya.

Kodak Ektar 100

Jay took this shot of Keira, whom I called over to the studio since we were meeting up later that night to shoot a gig, as it was easy to determine that she would make a much more compelling subject to shoot than I will ever be.

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