SH Dispatch #30 – October Mega-Post


The Japandroids gig at Yuyintang happened way back August, and I have never been out for my usual haunts since then. Burned out? Probably. Just this week, black metal outfit Behemoth, and rock veterans Amorphis played here, and I just decided to keep myself warm from the fall weather at my new place in the far-away-from-most-things district of Baoshan.

Front act HIMDONG derives heavily from Interpol, but their set was promising enough, though the sound would’ve been better with more commanding vocals. It was my first time to see Death to Giants, and they definitely made the semi-inhuman crowd heat a lot more tolerable with a wild and fun set. Some random interwebs opinion rings true: this duo put up a great show, that Japandroids may have a hard time following up.

Death to Giants

Death to Giants

Death to Giants

Well, did they? I guess so. See, I’ve liked Japandroids since their first album, and I anticipated and was excited this gig since it was announced. How are they live? Something was missing. It was like I was witnessing a great band with a quarter-less of their optimum power, which, in hindsight, would still make a really, really good act.




Oh, and found this on Flickr:

August 24, 2013, Japandroids @Yuyintang Shanghai,China



Now pardon me while I pepper this generously with the actual songs I’ve been recently listening to.

Tomato n’Pine – Jingle Girl Joui Jidai

Tomato n’Pine are now defunct, but their second and last album in 2012 PS4U was chockful of Jpop gems, it was hard to wrap my head around the fact that I actually listened to this group a lot more than the group mentioned below the same week their new album was released, which was a big deal. Alternatively referred to as Tomapai, some would lump them with any generic idol group in the scene, but they are notably pretty as a small collective, and had songs with so much pop-strength to it, while other groups with much less than that are still around.

Perfume – 1mm

In the various little geeky worlds of Jpop fandom, one would usually mention and read the word “flawless” to describe a song, an album, choreography, etc. I normally don’t go that far, but Perfume (my favorite dancing-and-singing girl group of all time) just went near-perfect with 1mm. Pair that with surprisingly gloomy lyrics, too.

Kana Nishino – My Baby

Culled from Kana Nishino‘s recent MTV Unplugged set, this song can be found on her SAKURA, I love you? single. This song wasn’t an album cut, when apparently it has so much ballad power going for it, whoever made that judgment call is bordering on ridiculous.

tofubeats – Don’t Stop The Music feat.森高千里 / Chisato Moritaka

And here’s just another reason why I’m still sticking it out with the Japanese on music.

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