2015: Instagram Edition

Obviously, blogging was pushed far back in the shelf of priorities this 2015. Instagram has taken over the diary role, despite being blocked in China. Wechat, too, though less thought was put in curating content there.


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When commercial websites practically steal content, and you don’t ask for much -credit, link to this website- but yeah SmartShanghai does it again and again. This is partly the reason why I don’t cover much of the Shanghai gig scene anymore. Ugly way to start the new year, I know.


I was torn between the semi-hollow and the SG electric guitar types, but the Epiphone Dot (the former), and a nice small Orange amp replaced that Ibanez bass (with its accompanying Peavey amp) I was lucky to sell.


Daisy is an ex-officemate who won’t go out with me, but with a photographer-model arrangement I cooked up, we were able to get out of the confines of the office together, with her own small entourage in tow. She took me out for lunch on my last day at the office, though, and this time, she did the asking.


The Moganshan (Mount Mogan, a few hours away from Shanghai) trip was sudden, ill-planned, and I got lost on my way going down from the peak. Not as cheap as a Hangzhou weekend would be, but much more serene.


The mountain bike I bought way before this time wasn’t meant to be taken out of the city. It was marketed under the ‘leisure‘ category, and is quite heavy. All that didn’t stop from biking to Chongming Island with a multi-national group of beginner bikers.

Heading back to the city now.

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I really can’t say video shooting is something I am comfortable doing, but a friend asked me if I could help doing just that for him and his group (Madagascar nationals living in Shanghai) for France’s National Day. This photo is sort of an outtake from that session while we were scouting for locations.


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Justifying the purchase of new camera gear is very, very hard, but this one was not a hard-sell at all. My Canon 50mm f1.8 is broken, and the Yongnuo equivalent just came out for less than half the price. I remember spending so much time re-exploring Nanjing Road for something to catch my eye, when all I had to do was wait for the rain to pour and stand on a pedestrian crossing for worthwhile shots.


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I’m sick and tired of going to Chinajoy. I hate it that I’ll probably be back next year.

The pretttiest ladies of #chinajoy2015 Day 2.

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I also went home in August for a number of reasons, and was glad to still be relevant to friends and family.


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Lastly, I got a tattoo. See, considering my rocker background, this shouldn’t be too surprising, but like most, you can’t just brush off the idea that intentionally, and permanently marking oneself is one very serious decision to tackle. Moreso, I was clueless on the design to get. When my non-rocker, older sister got one, that was it: I’m old, too, what was I waiting for? Oh, and why a moth with skulls? I asked Chad -my tattoo artist, husband of a good college friend of mine- what ‘thing‘ he hasn’t ink’d on someone yet, and a moth was one of them. Any personal input I had for the design? I approved it.


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Almost missed this year’s Photo Shanghai. Much preferred the last one, though.


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I met Raemin back when she was still a college senior back in 2006. We’ve been meeting occasionally since then, but its been three or four years since the last one. Meeting her again was just a wonderful happening, especially now that we’ve agreed to be language exchange partners. No, I’m still shit with Mandarin.

Since 2006!

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Contract ended with old job, new job asked me I had no choice but to go home to get employed by them. Hence, I stored all my junk here, of which about half I really should dispose.

I. Have. Too. Much. Junk.

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A Solano-bound bus, a jeep, two old PUV were the places I spent the first half of my birthday this year. The other half was spent alone in a bed and breakfast in Sagada, Mountain Province, since I was just too spent to catch up with friends who just happened to be there as well.

Almost had it on the second try #kiltepan #sagada

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