Shanghai Dispatch #14: Where I Ramble On

The Kandidate
The Kandidate, Shanghai Midi Music Festival 2012; Takumar 200mm f.3.5 adapted to EOS 60D

My last post was about testing a much needed DSLR upgrade, and now, well, now I’ll start first with the weekend.

I went to the Midi Music Festival again this year (here’s last year’s post), despite the grey skies earlier in the day. This time, I was armed with my late 50s design and built Takumar 200mm f3.5 lens (which I used before here and here), and despite not having the best view, had a handful of decent shows to show. Decent is the fair word, since I’m actually struggling constantly to get the shots I want and never achieve. The full set is here.


Despite how much I appreciate the 60D, I had to buy an easier-to-carry National Geographic camera bag knockoff (at 1/10 of the price of the original), so I could carry my already minimal -but still heavy- gear. The sometime bike rides I did with it weren’t at all inspiring, too.

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Shanghai Dispatch #13 or Was Out On a Weekend With a New Toy

This entry is an excuse to post photos from a gig I went to and took photos of two weeks ago:

Immanu El
Immanu El

I’m way past my post-rock phase, but I have nothing to gain by just staying in at the apartment for another weekend night. This would not make up for my missing the Mogwai gig last December (held in Shanghai, while I was vacationing back home), but I had to remind myself: its time to test the new camera.

Yep, the one thing I’ve always wanted to have, but have always postponed purchasing, since I came here for work last year, is now in my possession.

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Balikbayan, Part 2/Shanghai Christmas 2011

Sure, the gig photography  diet was something I have been deprived of for some time, and it had been part of my balikbayan itinerary to catch a few favorites again.


One thing I tend to miss when shooting gigs is a great chunk of the live performance experience. I’ve seen Oremuz play a few times before, but this is the first time I can wholeheartedly state that this is one world-class act. I cannot find anything to nitpick about them, and their music. Right after their set, I was approached by one of the vocalists, Shekhinah, about the possibility of exchanging contact information so I can share the shots I took, and I told her that their bassist, Russel, already messaged me inquiring about getting copies of photos I’ve taken of them since. I blamed my current OFW state for the delay in fulfilling their request.  Later on, Russel asked me if I could tag along to any of their gigs, then I mentioned my being China-based, and she was quick to ask if I could the same, if ever they play in China.

I found no reason to say no to that.

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Balikbayan, Part 1

Like last year, I took a break from work early December, and I decided to travel again, but this time I will be going back home, instead of leaving it.

The plane ticket has been ready since June, where I got them at a discounted price, but I had to rebook since I decided to stay longer than planned. The itinerary? Unsurprisingly, photoshoots.


Priority was a Pau + Nariese shoot, which we did for the first time in the studio. We were shooting for Nariese’s online store, and had quite a number of clothes to cover, so it took us a few hours to finish. Pau was here usual effortless-modelling self, and everything Nariese did to her worked. Me? I didn’t really deviate from anything bordering on creative, though the intent was to do something with a borrowed Mamiya RB67 medium format camera, which ultimately wasn’t realized since it wont sync with the studio lights.

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