It’s that time of year again for the Philippine International Jazz Festival, when people who can’t afford tickets to their big shows look for small, free ones. This was special though.

Mishka Adams
Mishka Adams

I haven’t been to a Mishka Adams gig before, though I guess its expected for me to just rush to one. She entered the local music consciousness around 2006, and from the onset, it was obvious she knew and practiced the art of true jazz. This was also about the time I started to realize I was going to clubs, photo-documenting gigs, and she has always been on my list of to-see’s, the other apparent reason is her being so visually stunning.

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Pau Redux


There will be drastic life-changes soon, hence things that I have tried and grown to love doing need to be repeated, with tweaks. For example: fashionable model shoots are now modified to be simple portraiture.

Since I loved the output from Pau’s last shoot, I asked her again to spend some time while I hone whatever skill I had at making people still, and look beautiful.

The decision to dress-down was based on the realization that shooting high-brow fashion entails some sensibilities I can’t name nor possess. That’s where my shooting partner/stylist Nariese comes in, but she likes the challenge I proposed. We’ll go white, and we’ll get Pau again.

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My Year in Photos 2010 – Part 2: Gigs

Turbo Goth
May 2010

This photo, an easy and obvious favorite for this year, was taken at the annual Revolver Productions event called Bikini Night, where female fronted bands would, well, you get the idea.

The past year was when I would take home a few choice shots from a gig, and just stick with it. It was also a mix of covering older bands, and making my entry into local heavy metal, both which not a lot of gig photographers cover, but I’m more than glad to indulge myself in it.

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My Year in Photos 2010 – Part 1: Models, Events, and Travel

Aside from gigs, 2010 was easily the year where I tried shooting models (still trying), which is something I’ve always wanted to learn, since there would be a lot more than the usual factors-to-consider that I’m used to. I did a bit of traveling also, though I’m not so used to paying for trips myself.

Large Format Portrait 1

Oh, and I’ve taken off my four earrings I got this year. Maintaining those things were a pain. Brow ring stays, though.

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The Birthday Trip 2010 (Part 2)

The only other time I found myself in an inter-island ferry was when I assumed the role of a photographer’s assistant, from Cagayan de Oro to Camiguin. Having settled myself in the airconditioned area of the Bohol-bound Oceanjet ferry, I deemed it satisfactory that I didn’t opt for the open area. Again, the picture-taking mood wasn’t too persistent.

Bohol Tarsier

I left Kaloy’s place, just a few minutes away from University of San Carlos, with an hour to spare. When I told the cab driver I was headed to the pier, he made the claim that it would probably take us an hour and a half of travel time, considering weekday morning traffic. I got to the pier in time, anyway. With two donuts for nutrition, and a ferry population that appeared to consist of 40% Japanese, 20% Korean, 20% Chinese, 10% Caucasian, and 10% everyone else, I was off to the the real solo segment of the birthday trip.

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