Envy: Asia Tour 2011 in Shanghai

I started listening to Envy back in 2007 (proof!; albeit in a not-so-great light), and when doing random searching lead me to this page, I shot an email and had my tickets reserved. This was bound to be AWESOME

And about 40 people believed that, too. I’m a little sure though that some were just curious, and wouldn’t mind spending 200RMB on some visiting Japanese rock band.

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First Quarter 2011 Gigs, Part 2: The Mocha Girls, College Collision 4, et al

There’s something about ‘being hip’ that doesn’t sit well with me. Sure, I sometimes file myself under the ‘cooler-than-thou’ category, but I always allow myself to deviate, and embrace what most of these young Tumblr folk go gaga over. Most especially if they come in very sexy packages.

Mocha Girls
Mocha Girls

I think it happened late last year when I started my metal scene coverage when I got curious about the Mocha Girls. After looking at their photos, watching a few Youtube videos, I got it.

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First Quarter 2011 Gigs, Part 1: The Shocking Details, et al

There was The Deftones post, and another one about Mishka Adams, but not much else on the rest of the gigs I’ve attended this year. So far, so good.

Arigato Hato
Arigato Hato, MEIDAY! MEIDAY!, February 5, 2011; Super Takumar 55m f1.8 adapted to digital EOS

This wasn’t a gig I had any intent to watch, but I found myself in the area with a friend. I’ve always wanted to see Arigato Hato after seeing a couple of their performance videos online, and their set that time did not disappoint.

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It’s that time of year again for the Philippine International Jazz Festival, when people who can’t afford tickets to their big shows look for small, free ones. This was special though.

Mishka Adams
Mishka Adams

I haven’t been to a Mishka Adams gig before, though I guess its expected for me to just rush to one. She entered the local music consciousness around 2006, and from the onset, it was obvious she knew and practiced the art of true jazz. This was also about the time I started to realize I was going to clubs, photo-documenting gigs, and she has always been on my list of to-see’s, the other apparent reason is her being so visually stunning.

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Shot with an LG Optimus One phone, with the Vignette Android app

I had no plans to watch the Deftones concert last February 12, since I had to prioritize more important things. I got a Gold ticket for free though (right after the VIP section), so I went. As much as I wanted to shoot the concert, as apparent in this photo, I was too far from the stage to get good-enough shots.

No regrets here. My view wasn’t all that bad, and as much as I should be jealous as to how much interaction the band had with the VIP audience, I did get in with the only expense being going to and from the venue.

Also, I did listen to the Deftones voraciously before I got into photography. Oh, and would I even dare to slam at the pit (during the last few songs) with a DSLR in tow?

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