Eating Differently/This Blog’s 6th Anniversary!

BREAKING NEWS: Just noticed today. THIS BLOG IS 6 YEARS OLD. No shit. Not my first blog, but the first one hosted and using WordPress (when everyone jumped ship from Movable Type, the de facto blog CMS before), and my own domain. See the first entry here.

Back to regular programming:

Vegetarian Barbecue (Gluten), Brown Rice, and Pickled Cucumber and Carrots

Something I read about a month ago had me shun red meat for some time. Not a complete dismissal in the normal, everyday diet, just that it won’t be cooked or served at home, nor taken to work as baon. That non-purist thinking was something I got from what Jane Goodall said recently on The Daily Show. Jon Stewart posed a question about him enjoying a good hamburger, and if it actually bothers Goodall. She said it doesn’t, and vs. the well-known PETA animal rights activism (I’m para-phrasing here) extremism is never good.

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