Shanghai Dispatch #14: Where I Ramble On

The Kandidate
The Kandidate, Shanghai Midi Music Festival 2012; Takumar 200mm f.3.5 adapted to EOS 60D

My last post was about testing a much needed DSLR upgrade, and now, well, now I’ll start first with the weekend.

I went to the Midi Music Festival again this year (here’s last year’s post), despite the grey skies earlier in the day. This time, I was armed with my late 50s design and built Takumar 200mm f3.5 lens (which I used before here and here), and despite not having the best view, had a handful of decent shows to show. Decent is the fair word, since I’m actually struggling constantly to get the shots I want and never achieve. The full set is here.


Despite how much I appreciate the 60D, I had to buy an easier-to-carry National Geographic camera bag knockoff (at 1/10 of the price of the original), so I could carry my already minimal -but still heavy- gear. The sometime bike rides I did with it weren’t at all inspiring, too.

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