Now, To Consider Other Things

PREVIEW: Effinboiche's Last Gig
Alex singing with Angulo at Effinboiche’s last gig last Saturday

My current muse-of-a-band, Effinboiche, held their last gig last Saturday in Malate. I was there, and I gave Alex my book project.

Book project? See, I’ve had these ideas for compiling photos in a not so usual manner for the past few months. Pity I haven’t started printing even a small fraction of my photos, and the hundred or so prints I do have, pre-digital, are now unattended in shoeboxes. My affiliation with RFilipinas had me consider other practical ways to handle the situation, like inkjet printing on a paper-based album instead, or the actual making a coffee table type picture book. I wanted the photos from my China stay to be the initial project, but this was the time my feet constantly itched for gigs.

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