On Carna Manila 2010

I ditched a Mishka Adams gig last Saturday for this, and that gig was in Eastwood City, hence it was the easy option. However, I was in the mood at that time to party. Wait, correction: to witness and cover a party.

Escola de Samba de Manila Dancers
Cynthia Royo, from Escola de Samba de Manila, in what’s probably my favorite photo of that night.

Carna Manila 2010 started with me trying to warm up to the event: set at the Rockwell Tent, with more than a hundred people, the type who’d spend weekends out (read: not the crowd I belong to), were there. To fit in, and maybe because I was at the event with RF dude Wam, I had a plastic cup of red wine in one hand, and my camera on the other.

Oh yes that is news: my perpetual NO answer to a shot of this, a bottle of that, will now be on a conditional basis. Wine is fine, but don’t expect me to gobble it up like water.

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