These Mondays of June

Since the 7th of this month, I’ve alloted Mondays to plan photoshoots. Not bands, but with models, and usually in a studio. The stars seem to be aligning this time, since I am learning new things here. For example:

Stylist/MUA: Nariese Giangan
Model: Gliter Villarin

Let’s start the story with Nariese. I met Nariese online, by means of us being followers of the band Paramita. We met a year or two ago, and did actually plan a shoot before, but that didn’t materialize. We kept in touch, and just at the start of this month, we started discussing the possibility of us getting together again and push through with a shoot, her doing the model’s makeup, assuming the stylist role, and myself as the photographer.

On previous shoots, I haven’t had anyone else to attend to the model’s makeup, clothes, etc., so this was a welcome change: those’re a couple of things I’m definitely glad to have someone take care of. Also, my work restdays this June fall on Sundays and Mondays, when band gigs are non-existent, and this would take my photographic fill.

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